About Us

Arkadia Cosmos Pte. Ltd. (Arkadia) is a global fintech & technology Startup headquartered in Singapore, founded by Enterprise Blockchain veterans in early 2020.

Arkadia has created a cutting-edge Tokenization platform for Real World Asset. Today’s customer are from Real-Estate, Supply-Chain, AgriTech, commodity trading and Carbon Credit Market. Arkadia experts’ Network & Representatives are today covering 10 countries across South-East Asia, China, India and Europe.

Arnaud Brolly is currently Founder & CEO at Arkadia, a Fintech Startup, based in Singapore, developing Asset Tokenization and CeDeFi Solutions (Real-Estate, Commodity trading, Carbon credit, crypto lending & Borrowing…). Prior to his work at Arkadia, Arnaud was leading Enterprise Blockchain project for Aviation sector.

Arnaud holds master’s degrees in Software Engineering, Business Management and Geopolitics. He leads the Blockchain chapter of Singapore FrenchTech and appointed as regional ambassador for GBBC (Global Business Blockchain Council) .